Trunk Shows

There are 2 different collections compiled for our trunk shows monthly.

  • Liz Goodrick-Dillon, Ashley Dillon and Heather Calderon
  • Susan Roberts, Barbara Eyre, MoutainHeir, Cook, Carol Dupree, EP Arts, Janice Gaynor, Patricia Ezzell, and Annette Meiners-Eggers.

In addition, we offer smaller selections for specialty trunk shows by request.

2017 ~ Liz Goodrick-Dillon TRUNK SHOW SCHEDULE

The Studio ~ Overland Park, KS      Sept 2nd - Sept 30th

Bristley Thistle ~ Fernadina Beach, FL      Nov 11th - Dec 2n

2017 ~ Susan Roberts TRUNK SHOW SCHEDULE

Creative Stitches & Gifts ~ Dallas, TX      May 20th - June 10th

Stitches Unlimited ~ Lancaster, PA      May 2oth - June 10th

Golden Thread Needlearts ~ East Rochester, NY      Aug 12th - Sept 1st

Needle Me ~ Havertown, PA     Aug 12th - Sept 1st     brick covers

The Studio ~ Overland Park, KS      Aug 12th - Sept 1st

Bristley Thistle ~ Fernadina Beach, FL      Sept 23rd - Oct 14th

Needlepoint.Com ~ Raleigh, NC      Sept 23rd - Oct 14th

In Sitches ~ Portland, OR      Sept 1st - Sept 30th   brick covers only
Stitch By Stitch~ Larchmont, NY      Nov 4th - Nov 25th

Needlepoint & Other Things ~ Salt Lake City, UT      Nov 4th - Nov 25th

Nimble Needle~ Atlanta, GA      Dec 16th - Jan 6th

2017 ~ Best of Both TRUNK SHOW SCHEDULE

Janna's  Needle  Art ~ Fresno, CA      July 8th - July 29th

Sun Valley Needle Arts ~ Ketchum, ID      July 8th - July 29th

Needlepoint Junction ~ Hilton Head, NC     Aug 5th - Aug 26th

Yarn Barn Of San Antonio, TX     Aug 19th - Sept 9th

Absolutely Needlepoint ~ Cincinnati, OH    Sept 30th - Oct 21st

Flying Needles ~ Bellair, Bluffs, FL     Sept 30th - Oct 21st

Hillside Needlepoint ~ Stevenson, MD      Sept 30th - Oct 21st

2017 ~ Christmas TRUNK SHOW SCHEDULE

Stitches of Tulsa - Tulsa OK      May 27th - June 17th

In Stitches ~ Potland, OR      July 1st - July 31st

Nashville Needleworks ~ Brentwood, TN      July 1st - July 31st

Sign Of the Arrow ~ St Louis,  MO      July 1st - July 31st

2018 ~ Liz Goodrick-Dillon TRUNK SHOW SCHEDULE

Chaparral ~ Houston, TX      Mar17th - Apr 7th

2018 ~ Susan Roberts TRUNK SHOW SCHEDULE

Needleworks ~ Birmingham, AL      Jan 20th - Feb 10th

Quail Run ~ Scottsdale, AZ      Jan 20th - Feb 10th

Stitching Studio ~ Richmond, VA      Jan 20th - Feb 10th

Old World Designs ~ Menlo Park, CA     Mar3rd - Mar 24th

The Wool & the Floss ~ Grosse Point, MI      Mar 3rd - Mar 24th

Canvasback  ~  Northfield, IL      Apr 14th - May 5th

What's The Point ~ Dublin, OH     Sept 29th - Oct 20th

2018 ~ Best of Both TRUNK SHOW SCHEDULE

Needlepoint Studio ~ Sarasota, FL      Mar 17th - Apr 7th

Needle House ~ Houston, TX     Apr 28th - May 19th

Stitching Post ~ Midland, TX     June 9th - June 30th

Waste Knot ~ Arlington, VA      Aug 15th - Aug 30th

Absolutely Needlepoint ~ Cincinnati, OH      Sept 1st - Sept 22nd

2018 ~ Christmas TRUNK SHOW SCHEDULE

Sign Of the Arrow ~ St Louis, MO      July 1st - July 31st

Luv 2 Stitch ~ San Mateo, CA     Nutcrackers      Nov24th - Dec 20th